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Girl I will never see again (poem of mine)

She was beauty’s muse,
I saw her once
Alone in a cafe,
Elbows propped
At crooked angles,
The soft trail of a jaw bone
Framed with a curl at the neck.
I felt as if,
My bones had ruptured,
Legs gave way
At the knee,
And feet turned webbed
On the wet cement.

I asked her once
Or twice
In my head
If I could take a seat,
We turned pages of books
Like wind turns leaves on an Autumn day
And I felt the brush of her wrist,
Soft as a newborn lamb,
And the warm glow
Of the brown tinder in her eye,
Glowed at the hearth inside me.

I asked her once,
Or twice
In my head
If I could take a seat,
And I watched myself,
Walk on by,
A turned face,
Turned down
Against the oncoming rain.


Not a beautiful thing (original poem of mine)

I was never a beautiful thing
My own creation,
The limbs and the whims
And the skin.
Nothing that hinted
Nothing to squint at.
I was feeble
And translucent
Like a fog,
That rises to greet you
Before the rain takes over.

There wasn’t much,
I never went from here,
To there.
All of life
Was an understatement,
And a gathering realisation,
Of the steps I had taken,
And the backs I’d broken.

I spoke and I lived
With my withered injustices
An etiolated whisper
On the back of your tongue,
But never resting in your mind.

When anger arose
It never bubbled
Or flowered.
Into effervescent rage,
It was silent destruction,
of my senses,
My good faith
The eruption,
That couldn’t reach the surface.

I’d have given you my heart,
But there is nothing left to be sold
My secrets they let me go, long ago
And my love is rare
As liquid gold.