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A light in the night (poem of mine)

You are Valium to me
An ease on the lips
And the hips
And the smooth swing of comfort
Ease me
Storms creak
Beams tighten
And minds sway like
Ships in the night.
A touch of the lantern
Some thoughts of you
And pink lips
And darkness.
I do not like to leave late at night.
Let me stay
Let me stay
Let me stay.
A ship sways
Light folds on the horizon
A memory
A memory
A light
A light
Eyes and hands
A light in the night,
A light in the night.


Red Admiral (poem of mine)

On the decking
A mug
And a table
And a chair
And trousers
Soaked in last night’s rain;
I thought of butterflies.
Ever since you said
That Uncle Freddie
Told her he was coming back as one,
We know it as a sign,
Was this, one of those
That you laced into my thoughts?
Or was it just the rain
And a promise of sun,
A shift of nature,
But those brazen wings
In that punch to the face red,
I had to take a pause,
Within my pause,
And notice your colour,
Amongst the fading greens.
I know when a day is dark,
And it is significant,
You will come along.
I don’t know who you are,
But here’s hoping,
You know me.
I say hello, silently,
Into my coffee.

Streets and streets (poem of mine)

Streets and streets,
A long sun
Casts golden shadows.
Towns and towns,
Waves of insects,
Like wings on horses,
Fields like flaming torches.

Grass breaks like green water at my feet,
Blue eyes swim
Like pools of daylight.
Light stretches its long arms through window panes,
While flowers gleam as gilded orbs,
On Neptune’s fork.

Promise rises
Like an Easter shroud.
Fields and fields
Of flaming torches,
Long shadows
On long roads.

After death, before Spring (poem of mine)

A bone dry
tumbleweed of decay
And brittle grief
Strikes me hard
Like a cane to the face
The lash of silence
Tight around my throat.

This is supposed to be spring
Or nearly
Where are the new lives
And resurrections of hope.

I walked around an empty supermarket
It seemed empty
But soon I realised
Is a state of mind
One not easy
to find your way through.
It must be buried.

Send me back (poem of mine)

Tainted apple of my soul,
In my envelope of hope.
What worm
Hunted your silky flesh
Like a rifle to your tenderness.

I hate the night,
I resign to sleep
Then I wake,
Grey brained as a cigarette.
Just send me back
Boil me down.

Or let me rest.
Just a raindrop
on your windowsill.

I lost the sea (poem of mine)

I lost the sea
As I lay and waited
In emerald green
I held my hand as we parted.

I have descended
into this sense of wreckage
And I wish
I wish for you to sink with me.

You are like the sea
un-turning my pale flesh
like a stone.
Your arms are sand.

I cannot breathe
Even the birds have stalled in the sky
Their mobile wings
make paper planes of your shoulders
tilting towards the light.
I lost the sea.

This night (original poem of mine)

Rosewood flames
The cedar ash
And petalled air
Pulled close to the hearth
A warmth
And stirring of content
Seeks to raise it’s blue cold eyes,
I feel the flutter of it’s lashes in my chest
The twilight that sunk
Hidden in the cape of dark,
The nightshade of a day
Leaning towards the next light.

I built this shelter,
Where the sweet gloss of fire
Sugar coats my night of quiet,
And the black squares of dark
Curtained in the privacy of my
Silent mire.

The sounds are earthly pale
My foot is numb
And the mundane
Artefacts of life
Are show and tell
As it should be,
Their planks of warmth and years worn
Are here to greet me
This night.

So long
I have longed for the silence of clinical insignificance
Where my thoughts were not fought back
For fear of never leaving
that minded graveyard.
The dusty soil with many footprints and questions
And those sad times on the square
of an empty bedspread
And only right angles
For my routine.

Thank you for this night,
Sweet Lord that never died in me.