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A light in the night (poem of mine)

You are Valium to me
An ease on the lips
And the hips
And the smooth swing of comfort
Ease me
Storms creak
Beams tighten
And minds sway like
Ships in the night.
A touch of the lantern
Some thoughts of you
And pink lips
And darkness.
I do not like to leave late at night.
Let me stay
Let me stay
Let me stay.
A ship sways
Light folds on the horizon
A memory
A memory
A light
A light
Eyes and hands
A light in the night,
A light in the night.


I don’t want my eyes open (poem of mine)

I don’t want my eyes open
I want the black dreams
The jittery
I want the revelation
Of turning clouds
And pale skies
That drown like
Ghosts in the light.

I don’t want my eyes open,
I want peace
Like a plain sheet
And a window propped
To an outside chorus
And a mind as clear
As a blue day.

I don’t want my eyes open
To feel my stomach churn
Head burning with conversation
The friction
Of the daily grind.
I don’t want
My eyes open.

Old. Home. Dry. (Poem of mine)

And those old eyes
I still saw them
spreading with
the age in her face
And every time she walked
I saw hurt in her bones.
And I don’t know how many
Nights I cried
Thinking of life
Without her
And loneliness
Like a fist of self pity
And my heart beat so fast
When I stopped breathing
I felt relief
And sweet
As a sheet.
I never saw her drink again
Even when wine flowed like fountains
And parties flooded around her.
I will always write poetry
For you.
I hold your hands
And veins flow,
Like shallow rivers.
I sink like a stone
in the water
Forever seems like tomorrow
In this grasp of sunlight.

You pushed me (poem of mine)

You pushed me,
And I felt a warmth
Rush through me
As the heel of your palm
In the curve of my back.
And we forgot all the stars,
Or should I say
I forgave every piece of light
I saw rushing towards me
In that dark fall.
And my final thought,
It felt like love
Love is murder.

I saw my body,
frail as a feather,
Starched in the dusk
Of the pale street light…
Your skin.

I looked up,
Stars obscured.
I saw your face,
In a haze of rain,
In a fall as light as
A last breath,
Angels Wings,
Breeze on my back,
At my fingertips.

Red Admiral (poem of mine)

On the decking
A mug
And a table
And a chair
And trousers
Soaked in last night’s rain;
I thought of butterflies.
Ever since you said
That Uncle Freddie
Told her he was coming back as one,
We know it as a sign,
Was this, one of those
That you laced into my thoughts?
Or was it just the rain
And a promise of sun,
A shift of nature,
But those brazen wings
In that punch to the face red,
I had to take a pause,
Within my pause,
And notice your colour,
Amongst the fading greens.
I know when a day is dark,
And it is significant,
You will come along.
I don’t know who you are,
But here’s hoping,
You know me.
I say hello, silently,
Into my coffee.

In shrieking darkness (poem of mine)

I lie awake
And breathe dark
That thoughts
Will soften with the light.
I try to pin down
This ferocious struggle
It’s piercing scream,
A wailing midnight symphony.
I converse with myself
And every word
Is spit on my flames.
I cannot lie here
And burn in the blackness
In my mind I pace
The long corridors
And I shriek
Till the echoes
Rattle the walls.
And I sit,
Till my shadow
Singes the floor,
And clocks melt to liquid pools at my feet
And boredom dies
From restlessness.
The room is silent
And I am silent
In shrieking blackness.

Because (poem of mine)

I say
I am a poet
I throw words at ceilings
At 3 am
And I hold daydreams
Like fingers
Hold pages in books
I feel love
Like orange street lamps
I can lie all day
Under purple blossoms
And sing lullabies
In a million ways.

And I believe
I believe in the unflinching
Of my being.
And I believe in
Because I pick seashells up
And the whispers sound
Like the sea will speak.

I find poets in people
I see the shadows rest
In the corners of your lips.
I hear birds singing sea shores
In shells.