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A light in the night (poem of mine)

You are Valium to me
An ease on the lips
And the hips
And the smooth swing of comfort
Ease me
Storms creak
Beams tighten
And minds sway like
Ships in the night.
A touch of the lantern
Some thoughts of you
And pink lips
And darkness.
I do not like to leave late at night.
Let me stay
Let me stay
Let me stay.
A ship sways
Light folds on the horizon
A memory
A memory
A light
A light
Eyes and hands
A light in the night,
A light in the night.


Girl I will never see again (poem of mine)

She was beauty’s muse,
I saw her once
Alone in a cafe,
Elbows propped
At crooked angles,
The soft trail of a jaw bone
Framed with a curl at the neck.
I felt as if,
My bones had ruptured,
Legs gave way
At the knee,
And feet turned webbed
On the wet cement.

I asked her once
Or twice
In my head
If I could take a seat,
We turned pages of books
Like wind turns leaves on an Autumn day
And I felt the brush of her wrist,
Soft as a newborn lamb,
And the warm glow
Of the brown tinder in her eye,
Glowed at the hearth inside me.

I asked her once,
Or twice
In my head
If I could take a seat,
And I watched myself,
Walk on by,
A turned face,
Turned down
Against the oncoming rain.

Mummy issues. (Poem of mine)

You unquiet the silence in my head
But I say nothing
I try to seek solace
In others
Their rigid replies
Of little help
To my aches
And pains.
It was never just a teenage angst
Though I fought
Though I was tempestuous
Un-observant of the etiquette
You forced upon me,
In pinks and frills
And politeness,
I always wanted to fight back.
Now it is a constant expectation
That I live up to your
I am sorry but
I’d rather not.
Paint the ceiling,
Mop the floor,
I feel as if,
I am repeating the old cliché
Of a slave driver,
herding their cattle.
Perhaps it is
Amateur dramatics,
I do not want to live with you,
Love is best lived,
From a distance.

You pushed me (poem of mine)

You pushed me,
And I felt a warmth
Rush through me
As the heel of your palm
In the curve of my back.
And we forgot all the stars,
Or should I say
I forgave every piece of light
I saw rushing towards me
In that dark fall.
And my final thought,
It felt like love
Love is murder.

I saw my body,
frail as a feather,
Starched in the dusk
Of the pale street light…
Your skin.

I looked up,
Stars obscured.
I saw your face,
In a haze of rain,
In a fall as light as
A last breath,
Angels Wings,
Breeze on my back,
At my fingertips.

Our heavy sleep (poem of mine)

I miss
The warmth
Of back
To chest
I miss
The interlocking
Soft breathing
And the slow tracing
The downy hair
Reminding my fingertips
Of the arch of your elbow
The slope of your neck
I miss
The cracks of light
A bright right angle
Through the shutters
And the midnight traffic
Silently humming at the edge of the city
Like ants
Their lights flickered behind my eyelids
I miss
The parts of you
The ones that tell me
I am cold at night.
Fingertips trace
The blue sheets.
I imagine arms,
Strands of your hair,
Our heavy sleep.

Not guilty (poem of mine)

You sent me a text
About sex
And I was hoping I would get some
Declaration of love
About unrequited passion
A definition
To quell my constant aching
You were just acting
And I cant complain because
I wanted something
Rather than nothing.
I guess I am feeling something,
But whether it’s love
Or hate
I don’t know
It seemed to me that
We walked that line
between the two.
I lie and say to the ceiling
1 o clock – I’m not sorry.
2 o clock – I’m not sorry.
I’m not sorry.

Because (poem of mine)

I say
I am a poet
I throw words at ceilings
At 3 am
And I hold daydreams
Like fingers
Hold pages in books
I feel love
Like orange street lamps
I can lie all day
Under purple blossoms
And sing lullabies
In a million ways.

And I believe
I believe in the unflinching
Of my being.
And I believe in
Because I pick seashells up
And the whispers sound
Like the sea will speak.

I find poets in people
I see the shadows rest
In the corners of your lips.
I hear birds singing sea shores
In shells.