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I don’t want my eyes open (poem of mine)

I don’t want my eyes open
I want the black dreams
The jittery
I want the revelation
Of turning clouds
And pale skies
That drown like
Ghosts in the light.

I don’t want my eyes open,
I want peace
Like a plain sheet
And a window propped
To an outside chorus
And a mind as clear
As a blue day.

I don’t want my eyes open
To feel my stomach churn
Head burning with conversation
The friction
Of the daily grind.
I don’t want
My eyes open.


You pushed me (poem of mine)

You pushed me,
And I felt a warmth
Rush through me
As the heel of your palm
In the curve of my back.
And we forgot all the stars,
Or should I say
I forgave every piece of light
I saw rushing towards me
In that dark fall.
And my final thought,
It felt like love
Love is murder.

I saw my body,
frail as a feather,
Starched in the dusk
Of the pale street light…
Your skin.

I looked up,
Stars obscured.
I saw your face,
In a haze of rain,
In a fall as light as
A last breath,
Angels Wings,
Breeze on my back,
At my fingertips.

The River (poem of mine)

There is a river,
One which flows like the lines
On the palm of our hands,
One which holds
A secret
Quite like yours
And quite
Like mine.

There is a river,
One which casts brightness
On the shade of the trees,
One which holds my body
Like a leaf.

There is a river
That I visit
A place to escape
A place of cold embrace
A place of rain
And birdsong
In a day of quiet
In a day of empty anger,
Of confusion.

There is a river,
A long swirl
Of blue chaos
That puts my mind to sleep.

Desolate (poem of mine)

Stretched across
This silent tundra
Whispers turn to wings
I wait for my oasis
To melt in front of me.
I sunk some time ago
And took shelter
I dreamed in mirage,
To escape the daylight
Making vultures of my bones.
I am picked dry
All angles,
And vacancy.
I watch the sand with envy
It floats,
And I am left behind
Not even a tear to cry
And quench this thirst.

Talking to you on a Sunday morning (poem of mine)

That I sway
Red and raw
When you talk to me
And inside fire burns
To smoke
And I hear the whistle
Of its embers.
I am distracted,
I try to hold your gaze,
Try to untangle
This vineyard of escape
In my brain,
I drift
to lift a branch
And see eyes,
Heavy behind the purple of the grapes.
I drink the wine of your skin
And lay still
I turn my head away
Then back to you
We talk
Like old friends.
Air buzzes
As a hive
Weighed down with honey.

Darkness to chokehold (poem of mine)

By the light of my cigarette
An impermeable night
Closes to chokehold.
Brick by brick
Stacked in symmetrical folds
Blade by green blade
Grass, bitten with cold.

Breathe in,
Breathe out.
Eyes of 2 burnt coals,
And a feathery tremor
Climbs like a trellis
In the cold winds groan.

Brick by brick,
The gravelly tones
Of a night
Turned darkness
To chokehold.

On a Summers Day (poem of mine)

When I was waiting
For the phone to ring
I stood beside myself
And watched me
An empty rhythm,
A faucet,
And a tap,
And a drop.

And I felt cold,
Although the sun screamed red,
And my skin curled
In the shooting blue of the day.

I waited for a call,
And I read a book,
Words revolving on the pages
And I felt sick as a child
In a teacup.

The birds span overhead,
And the grass held its breath
Beneath my back.
I exhaled the light of day,
And watched a swallow,
Turn North,
In the bluest,
Tailspin of a sky.