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I remember (poem of mine)

I remember the rush of the air

The sense of death

was so alive

in the pulses

surrounding me

I think I died many times

before I was here

and the palpability

of loss

and regret

as thick

as the wish

on my lips.

A full moon

and black, black


a hand on mine

in the night

I meet your eye.

Do not deceive me


black night.


As I was

surrounded by your smog

to breathe

was a dream.

I lay untouched

in my fort,


Do not touch me.

I remember

I remember

the air as thick as burning timber

And to breathe,

Like a dream,

your hand on mine

A dream,

A dream,

A dream.



Ashes (poem of mine)

Sleep trails off,
Thoughts like chalk
leave their white lines
in my mind.

Dark bleeds into day,
Night rotates
to night, then
darkest daylight.

This fretful glaze of
Its treacle sickness
hangs above me
as a defeated cloud.

Unsteady as a new fawn,
I tremble with my uneasiness,
The pit of my stomach
reaches to my feet.

The world remains,