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I remember (poem of mine)

I remember the rush of the air

The sense of death

was so alive

in the pulses

surrounding me

I think I died many times

before I was here

and the palpability

of loss

and regret

as thick

as the wish

on my lips.

A full moon

and black, black


a hand on mine

in the night

I meet your eye.

Do not deceive me


black night.


As I was

surrounded by your smog

to breathe

was a dream.

I lay untouched

in my fort,


Do not touch me.

I remember

I remember

the air as thick as burning timber

And to breathe,

Like a dream,

your hand on mine

A dream,

A dream,

A dream.



Not guilty (poem of mine)

You sent me a text
About sex
And I was hoping I would get some
Declaration of love
About unrequited passion
A definition
To quell my constant aching
You were just acting
And I cant complain because
I wanted something
Rather than nothing.
I guess I am feeling something,
But whether it’s love
Or hate
I don’t know
It seemed to me that
We walked that line
between the two.
I lie and say to the ceiling
1 o clock – I’m not sorry.
2 o clock – I’m not sorry.
I’m not sorry.

In shrieking darkness (poem of mine)

I lie awake
And breathe dark
That thoughts
Will soften with the light.
I try to pin down
This ferocious struggle
It’s piercing scream,
A wailing midnight symphony.
I converse with myself
And every word
Is spit on my flames.
I cannot lie here
And burn in the blackness
In my mind I pace
The long corridors
And I shriek
Till the echoes
Rattle the walls.
And I sit,
Till my shadow
Singes the floor,
And clocks melt to liquid pools at my feet
And boredom dies
From restlessness.
The room is silent
And I am silent
In shrieking blackness.

What Christmas was (poem of mine)

Christmas was
A dry January,

No wine
The wine
All empty bottles
Staring at these sad things
On this round plate
Trying to remember the name
Of next doors dog
Someone’s talking.

There’s a room over there
A big fire.
Don’t slit your wrists.
God that’s awful.
Just stop thinking.
So hard to relax.
Christmas pudding wouldn’t light.
Try rum next time.

The room
It’s dark
Waiting for the sky to be light.

I’m 80% proof too.
I’ve got a bruise on my head
I can’t remember.